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Special Collections


Orchestrated Albums:


Orinoco Flow:
the Music of Enya feat. the Taliesin Orchestra

1.Orinoco Flow 7.Book of Days
2.Athair ar Neamh 8.China Roses
3.the Memory of Trees 9.Watermark
4.No Holly for Miss Quinn 10.Bard Dance
5.Lothlorien 11.the Celts
6.From Where I Am



Maiden of Mysteries:
the Music of Enya feat. the Taliesin Orchestra

1.Anywhere Is 6.Only If
2.Bodicea 7.How Can I Keep From Singing?
3.Before the Storm 8.Ebudæ
4.Storms In Africa 9.Caribbean Blue
5.Pax Deorum 10.Evacuee


Box/Video Sets:


Shepherd Moons & Moonshadows
[Australia] (1995)

(1 CD & 1 Video)

Considered a Collector's Edition. This set contains the Shepherd Moons album on CD and the Moonshadows video on a VHS cassette in a presentation box.



Watermark & Shepherd Moons
[Australia] (1996)

(2 CD Set)

A two CD set containing the Watermark and Shepherd Moons albums and their booklets.



the Enya Collection
[Japan] (1996)

(3 CD Set)

This collection is a three CD set of the Celts, Watermark, and Shepherd Moons albums in a presentation box complete with a book containing a biography of Enya's career, a discography, and various pictures. The Shepherd Moons disc has the original version of "Book of Days."



Tenth Anniversary Collection
[Japan] (1997)

A promo-only album released to celebrate the 10th. anniversary of Enya's debut album, Enya. Why the tracks are repeated is unknown. Only 100 copies were pressed, so this one is very rare.

09/08/99: Special thanks to Blake Miller for e-mailing me and informing me that the songs may likely be repeated so as to present them in both their original language (Gaelic, Latin, etc.,) as well as in English..
1.Anywhere Is 7.Anywhere Is
2.Orinoco Flow 8.Orinoco Flow
3.Caribbean Blue 9.Caribbean Blue
4.Book of Days 10.Book of Days
5.Oíche Chiún 11.Oíche Chiún
6.On My Way Home 12.On My Way Home



A Box of Dreams

(3 CD Set)

Disc One: Oceans
1.Orinoco Flow 9.China Roses
2.Caribbean Blue 10.Storms In Africa
3.Book of Days (English Lyric) 11.Pax Deorum
4.Anywhere Is (Edit) 12.the Longships
5.Only If... 13.Ebudæ
6.the Celts 14.On My Way Home (Remix)
7.Cursum Perficio 15.Boadicea
8.I Want Tomorrow

Disc Two: Clouds
1.Watermark 9.Oriel Window
2.Portrait (Out of the Blue) 10.River
3.Miss Clare Remembers 11.Tea-House Moon
4.Shepherd Moons 12.Willows on the Water
5.March of the Celts 13.Morning Glory
6.Lothlórien 14.No Holly For Miss Quinn
7.From Where I Am 15.the Memory of Trees
8.Afer Ventus

Disc Three: Stars
1.Evening Falls... 9.Exile
2.Paint the Sky With Stars 10.On Your Shore
3.Angeles 11.Evacuee
4.Athair Ar Neamh 12.Marble Halls
5.La Soñadora 13.Hope Has A Place
6.Aldebaran 14.the Sun In the Stream
7.Deireadh An Tuath 15.Na Laetha Geal M'Óige
8.Eclipse 16.Smaointe...


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