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Interviews With Enya



1990 Interview Picture Disc

This limited edition picture disc carries an interview between Enya and an anonymous journalist conducted sometime in mid-1989. Enya's background and the making of the Watermark album are the main topics. The sound quality is poor and therefore longer version of the interview was released as In Conversation in 1997.

The front cover has a large circular cut-out allowing the disc to be seen. Also available as a clock with the LP forming the clock face.



1997 In Conversation

This is simply a longer version of the interview originally released as Interview Picture Disc in 1990.

Also available as a clock with the (detachable) CD forming the clock face.


Miscellaneous Interviews

Here is a very nice transcript of an interview with Enya, provided by Jennifer Y. Whang, which took place at a local radio station, KSCA 101.9 FM, in Los Angeles, CA. on Thursday, January 18th, 1996. Enya was interviewed by KSCA's Music Director/DJ Merilee Kelly. The interview began at approximately 1:40 PST, and ended at about 2:15 PST. You can read the entire KSCA 101.9 FM Interview With Enya by clicking here. Great job Jennifer!

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