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Song Lyrics

I only have the complete original lyrics to Enya's songs here because most all of the English translations I've found are all copyrighted. However if you would like to see the most comprehensive translations complete with footnotes, you can visit Daniel Quinlan's Enya Translations & Lyrics Page. A great site!

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1.Watermark 7.Orinoco Flow
2.Cursum Perficio 8.Evening Falls...
3.On Your Shore 9.River
4.Storms In Africa 10.the Longships
5.Exile 11.Na Laetha Geal M'Óige
6.Miss Clare Remembers 12.Storms In Africa II



Shepherd Moons

1.Shepherd Moons 7.Book of Days
2.Caribbean Blue 8.Evacuee
3.How Can I Keep From Singing? 9.Lothlórien
4.Ebudæ 10.Marble Halls
5.Angeles 11.Afer Ventus
6.No Holly For Miss Quinn 12.Smaointe...



the Celts

1.the Celts 10.Triad:
2.Aldebaran      St. Patrick
3.I Want Tomorrow      Cu Chulainn
4.March of the Celts      Oisin
5.Deireadh An Tuath 11.Portrait (Out of the Blue)
6.the Sun In the Stream 12.Boadicea
7.To Go Beyond I 13.Bard Dance
8.Fairytale 14.Dan y Dwr
9.Epona 15.To Go Beyond II



the Memory of Trees

1.the Memory of Trees 7.Hope Has A Place
2.Anywhere Is 8.Tea-House Moon
3.Pax Deorum 9.Once You Had Gold
4.Athair Ar Neamh 10.La Soñadora
5.From Where I Am 11.On My Way Home
6.China Roses



Paint the Sky With Stars

1.Orinoco Flow 9.Ebudæ
2.Caribbean Blue 10.Storms In Africa
3.Book of Days 11.Watermark
4.Anywhere Is 12.Paint the Sky With Stars
5.Only If... 13.Marble Halls
6.the Celts 14.On My Way Home
7.China Roses 15.the Memory of Trees
8.Shepherd Moons 16.Boadicea


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