Pieces Of My Heart, , ,

I study your eyes and know you are a liar. Your intellect is full but your soul is pure sin. It is the seat of feeling, of which you have none. Your own spirit is of uncertain origin. From where does your lie come and what is its purpose? Your breath carries lies and your heart pretends feeling. The eyes are the gateway through which I must explore. If I find your soul it may lead to my healing. I burst through your eyes and dive beneath your lens. Beyond the retina and down the optic nerve. Now I can search for the love that was never there. I will find the fiend whom I hopelessly serve. I follow your blood through your veins and arteries. Your heart is but a simple and hollow organ. It beats rhythmically but mechanically. Because of your deception I search only in vain. I follow your neurons through your synapse junctions. Your cells conduct unaltered electricity. They carry impulses but no human urges. For want of substance I expose such vanity. They say the immortal soul elevates us all. Your soul does not exist and cannot be found. Now I know why I struggle just to feel your words. I searched so deeply to find that you are not sound. Every part of me knows you are a liar. I try to forget your abyss of emptiness. I lend feeling from my own soul to your cold words. Truly I lie to myself with such hopelessness. I am in a relationship just with myself. Do you love me? Do I love you? Do I love me? I am the true liar. My heart and soul know this.
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You Make Loving Fun

NO. 2,,,Words fail me -- emotions don't ... when others derail me -- you won't -- at least pretend you won't . . . until I get past words and feelings... and crawl into my shell, my own private hell -- complete with gates and locks, no boarding docks. needmore, needful, needless . . . a perfect plain -- weedless! of, "I love you . . ." and, "Yes, you do . . ." I could scream from it all, but what is the point?...your call . . . Sorry, truly regressing I fear -- There used to be a love song here!

NO. 3,,,what do you do with a love you cannot have? it sinks like a stone in your heart, restless sleep, finally awaking, on the edge of a winged dream I smile, feeling you were just here, the reality of the sensation is inspiring, but you are not here, and so I wonder, what do I do with this? I would like to drain the love out of my body, make a cut between my breasts, drop by drop empty myself of this, add a cutting of my hair, annoint the bottle with the liquid of my sex. make it a last gift to you, make you swear to keep it with you always, the constant evidence of my devotion might do more for you, as it does nothing for me.

NO. 4,,,Forget all his meaningless sorries Remember she gets them too Forget carnations he sent you Remember she got the roses Forget his cute little smile with dimples Remember he's grinning for her Forget the times he said "I love you" Remember he he just said it to her Forget the sorry for ditching you excuses Remember she was in bed with him then Forget the sweet honey kisses he gave Remember she's now receiving them Forget all about him girl Remember it was all make-believe to him

NO. 5,,,My knees start to shake, when you're in sight. My mind's filled with wonder, my heart with fright. When will this feeling stop? When did it start? How can I listen to my mind, Without breaking my heart? I'm so confused. What should I do? I can't think of anything, except of you. Should I ignore you? Or just give it time? I can't think straight, my heart controls my mind!

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